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Patch 7.3: Netherlichttiegel Guide – Artefaktrelikte aufwerten

Schmiede auf der Vindikaar zum Aufwerten von Relikten

Unser WoW Legion Patch 7.3 Netherlichttiegel Guide zeigt Euch wie Ihr die Artefaktrelikt-Schmiede auf der Vindikaar freischalten könnt und welche Möglichkeiten Ihr habt Eure Artefaktrelikte zu verbessern.

Weitere Informationen zum großen Update erfahrt Ihr auf unserer Legion Patch 7.3 Übersichtsseite.

Freischaltung des Netherlichttiegel auf der Vindikaar

Der Netherlichttiegel auf der Vindikaar muss erst freigeschaltet werden. Dafür müsst Ihr die Hauptquestreihe im ersten Gebiet (Krokuun) und im zweiten Gebiete (Mac’Aree) abschließen. Nach der Quest An Offering of Shadow ist die Relikt-Schmiede verfügbar.

WoW Patch 7.3 Netherlichttiegel Guide
Der Netherlichttiegel im Untergeschoss der Vindicaar

Es reicht übrigens, wenn Ihr die Artefaktschmiede mit einem Charakter freigeschaltet habt, alle weiteren Charaktere von Euch haben dann ebenfalls Zugriff auf den Netherlichttiegel.

Der Netherlichttiegel befindet sich im Untergeschoss der Vindikaar, gegenüber dem Schiffskern. Um die Schmiede zu benutzen müsst Ihr diese einfach anklicken.

Die Aufwertung der Artefaktwaffenrelikte

Insgesamt gibt es drei verschiedene Stufen beim Aufwerten der Relikte. Allerdings sind nicht alle Boni sofort verfügbar, sondern Ihr müsst diese auch erst freischalten. Dies erledigt Ihr aber eher passiv, durch die Erhöhung der Stufe Eurer Artefaktwaffe.

Benötigte Ränge in der Artefaktwaffe

  • Stufe 52 – Rang 1 für alle Artefaktwafferelikte
  • Stufe 60 – Rang 2 für das erste Artefaktwafferelikt
  • Stufe 63 – Rang 2 für das zweite Artefaktwafferelikt
  • Stufe 66 – Rang 2 für das dritte Artefaktwafferelikt
  • Stufe 69 – Rang 3 für das erste Artefaktwafferelikt
  • Stufe 72 – Rang 3 für das zweite Artefaktwafferelikt
  • Stufe 75 – Rang 3 für das dritte Artefaktwafferelikt
WoW Patch 7.3 Netherlichttiegel Relikte aufwerten
Relikte am Netherlichttiegel aufwerten

Tier 1

Man wird die Relikte in seiner Artefaktwaffe in 5er Schritten bis zu einem Maximum von 15 Item-Level aufwerten können. Diese Aufwertung teilt man mit jedem Relikt, jedes Relikt kann also nur einmal aufgewertet werden.

Tier 2

Es gibt zwei verschiedene Arten der weiteren Verbesserung, Heilig und Schatten. Schatten ist meist mehr auf Schaden ausgelegt, während Heilig viel für das eigene Überleben sorgt. Welche Talente für Euch die besten sind erfahrt Ihr in unserem Tier 2 Talente Guide.



Tier 3

Auf der dritten Stufe kann man bei jedem Relikt aus drei weitere Verbesserungen wählen, also neun insgesamt. Man verbessert hierbei Talente aus der Artefaktwaffe, welche man wählen kann ist abhängig von der vorherigen Entscheidung auf Stufe 2.

FAQ zum Netherlichttiegel

Die Entwickler haben im offiziellen Forum ein kleines FAQ zum Netherlichttiegel veröffentlicht.

  • Auch Relikte, welche man vor Patch 7.3 bekommen hat funktionieren im Netherlichttiegel
  • Wer seinen Charakter maximieren möchte, der hat hierbei wenig Auswahl, sondern es gibt immer einen besten Weg.
  • Die Freischaltungen werden je nach Stufe der Artefaktwaffe verfügbar.
Blizzard PosterBlizzard on Netherlichttiegel FAQ (Source)

Q: Why are you adding this system? What’s with the RNG?

A: The Netherlight Crucible (aside from being an important part of the 7.3 storyline) is intended to help with an issue with Relic availability that players have been reporting for some time now. As Ion explained during our last Q&A, there are technical issues with the way Relics were built that limit which bonus traits can be available from raids. This has caused a number of raiders to feel as though their best bet is to run Mythic Keystone dungeons constantly in the hopes of having a Relic with their ideal bonus trait drop (and Titanforge for a high item level).

Those who were following development of Patch 7.2 may recall an earlier take on an improvement for this issue, where we experimented with adding a single, randomized second bonus trait to Relics. Ultimately, we decided that was the wrong approach, and wanted a system that put a little more control in players’ hands. So, while the Netherlight Crucible does still have an element of randomness, it presents you with several options to choose from.

To be clear: we believe that having some element of randomness is important. Our goal was not to simply allow players to choose the precise bonus traits they wanted (you already do that, more or less, when spending Artifact Power). We still want there to be those exciting moments where a Relic gives you a great outcome. The Netherlight Crucible is intended to make Relics more valuable on average, not to make all Relics be equal value.

Q: Will I be able to trade Relics with other players to see who gets the best options at the Crucible?

A: No. Previewing a Relic at the Netherlight Crucible will bind it to your character and remove the ability to trade it. This is because those trait options don’t actually exist on the Relic until you attune it to the Crucible, in a process similar to enchanting a piece of gear. It also prevents raid teams from feeling like they need to send everyone who might be interested in a Relic back to the Vindicaar before continuing.

Q: Will the Netherlight Crucible work on Relics acquired prior to 7.3 release?

A: Yes. However, keep in mind that it will take some time (likely several weeks) to unlock the later stages of the Netherlight Crucible, where the additional bonus traits come in. We don’t expect that stockpiling Relics prior to 7.3 will give any real advantage in practice.

Q: Doesn’t this just mean I’ll want my best two traits on each Relic now?

A: For the hardcore min/maxer, yes, there will still be a “best” outcome for your Relic configuration. However, there are now more Relics that can achieve that state (as Relics with your second-best trait can now roll your best trait at the Crucible), and you’ll encounter fewer “bad” Relics along the way.

Q: Why do I have to go back to the Netherlight Crucible to upgrade my Relic? Didn’t you want to get away from mechanics like that?

A: Players often compare this to the old Reforging system, and our dislike of having to visit a vendor after each and every upgrade. That hasn’t changed. The Netherlight Crucible only affects Relics – you won’t need to visit the Crucible every time you pick up a new pair of boots.

Q: How do the Relic „talents“ unlock?

A: As your Artifact increases in level (by spending Artifact Power), your Relic slots will level up as well. When you first unlock the Crucible, you’ll have access to the first additional trait (a +5 increase to your Artifact’s item level) in each slot. The second row unlocks at Artifact level 60, 63, and 66 (for the left, center, and right Relic slots respectively), and the third and final row unlocks at Artifact level 69, 72, and 75. This should all be pretty apparent when you look at those slots in-game, but may not be showing clearly via datamined info.

Q: What did you mean by „it can’t double roll a trait“?

A: Just that you will never be able to upgrade a Relic to increase the same Artifact trait twice. If your Relic already has a bonus rank of Wrath of the Ashbringer on it, that trait will not be one of the three options presented in the bottom row of the Crucible’s upgrade tree.

In other words, there’s no risk of having your Wrath of the Ashbringer relic be „ruined“ by not rolling a second bonus to Wrath of the Ashbringer, because that could never have happened in the first place. However, if you get a relic without Wrath of the Ashbringer, there’s now a chance that it’ll gain it from the Crucible.

Additionally, those three options will always be unique; it won’t, for example, give you the „choice“ between Deflection, Deflection, or Deflection. Aside from making sure you always have options, this means that your odds of having your favorite trait appear on a Relic you’d otherwise have discarded are actually pretty decent.

Q: How do the ranks for the first two rows work?

A: There are no such ranks. We think this is coming from some confusion about how the Netherlight Crucible is showing up in datamining, versus how it actually operates in-game. Once you’ve unlocked a row in the Crucible, you just select the option you like, and that’s it – there’s no additional leveling up of those options beyond that.

For those peeking into the data (or anyone else who might be curious): this is because of how we built the system to allow the unlockable effects to stack between each relic. It’s just a subtle behind-the-scenes optimization on our end.

Hopefully that will help clear the air about how the Netherlight Crucible works, but we’re sure you have more questions, so ask away and we’ll do our best to answer what we can! We’ll aim to provide an update sometime next week. Thanks!

Q: What are the requirements to access the Netherlight Crucible?

A: Our intent at this stage of development is for there to only be two requirements: your character is level 110, and you have the account-wide achievement „Now You’re Cooking With Netherlight.“ That achievement is given as part of the final chapters of the 7.3 story campaign, which is planned to open week 3 of the patch (so 15 days after release).


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Wir hoffen, dass unser Patch 7.3 Netherlichttiegel Guide Euch einen Einblick in das neue System der Relikte geben konnten. Bedenkt, dass Ihr die Schmiede nur einmal freischalten müsst um sie mit allen Charakteren nutzen zu können.

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