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Neue Artefaktwaffen-Talente mit Patch 7.2

Bereits auf der BlizzCon 2016 haben die Entwickler angekündigt, dass mit Patch 7.2 die Artefaktwaffen weiter ausgebaut werden können. Neben den neuen Rängen für bestehende Talente wird es auch einige neue Talente geben.

Weitere Informationen zu Patch 7.2 erhaltet Ihr auf unserer großen Übersichtsseite.

Freischaltung der Artefaktwaffen-Talente

Auf dem Patch 7.2 PTR kann man nun die neuen Talente freischalten. Derzeit sieht es danach aus, dass man an der verheerten Küste, von den Gegnern dort, einen Questgegenstand erbeuten muss.

Für jede Spezialisierung gibt es momentan eine separate Questreihe, folgend zeigen wir Euch diese an einem Beispiel. bedenkt aber, dass sich hier noch Dinge ändern können.

Artefaktwaffen-Talente für alle Klassen

Viele der neuen Talente haben spezielle Effekte oder verbessern die Artefaktwaffen-Fähigkeit. Es gibt ein neues Talent mit vier Rängen, ein Talent mit einem Rang, ein goldenes Talent und ein unendliches, welches bisher nicht genauer bekannt ist.

Hinweis: Bedenkt, dass die Talente sich noch in einem sehr frühen Stadium der Entwicklung befinden und sich noch deutlich ändern können!




  • Carrion Feast: Increases the healing of Death Strike by 5%.
  • Vampiric Aura: Consumption also grants X Leech to you and your four nearest allies for until cancelled.
  • Souldrinker: Overhealing done by Death Strike and Consumption increases your maximum health, up to a maximum of X%.


  • Runefrost: Increases the chance to trigger Runic Empowerment by 1%.
  • Runic Chills: Crystalline Swords damage reduces the cooldown of Empower Rune Weapon by 5 sec.
  • Thronebreaker: Obliterate has a chance to cause the target to be pierced from behind by additional Crystalline Swords.





  • Lingering Ordeal: Increases the duration of Metamorphosis by 1 sec.
  • Erupting Souls: Soul Cleave deals X damage for each Soul Fragment it consumes.
  • Duality: Under Construction. Check Back Soon!



  • Light of the Evening Star: Increases the damage of Starfall by 3%.
  • Wax and Wane: Moonfire increases the direct damage of your next Moonfire by 5%. This effect stacks 5 times.
  • Circadian Invocation: Moonfire applies a stacking vulnerability (1% per stack, maximum 6) to Arcane damage. Sunfire applies a stacking vulnerability (1% per stack, maximum 6) to Nature damage.




  • Eternal Restoration: Increases the duration of Essence of G’hanir by 1 sec.
  • Joy of Spring: Efflorescence’s healing increases by X% every 2 sec.
  • Deep Rooted: Your Heal over Time effects automatically refresh when their target goes below 35% maximum health.



  • Slithering Serpents: Reduces the cost of Cobra Shot by 2 Focus.
  • Thunderslash: Aspect of the Wild causes all active pets to lash out, dealing X Physical damage to enemies within 5 yards.
  • Cobra Commander: Cobra Shot has a chance to create X Sneaky Snakes that attack the target for until cancelled.


  • Unerring Arrows: Increases the effectiveness of Vulnerability by 10%.
  • Opportunist: Under Construction. Check Back Soon!
  • Cyclonic Burst: Windburst now also snares and deals X damage over until cancelled.


  • Jaws of the Mongoose: Increases the critical strike damage of Mongoose Bite by 5%.
  • Talon Bond: When Talon Strike triggers, your pet immediately attacks X times.
  • Echos of Eche’ro: Flanking Strike has a chance to summon the spirits of Huln Highmountain and Eche’ro to smite your foes.



  • Aegwynn’s Intensity: Increases the damage of Arcane Missiles by 3%.
  • Aluneth’s Avarice: Mark of Aluneth restores 15% maximum mana when it detonates.
  • Time and Space: Arcane Explosion also casts at the last location where you cast Arcane Explosion within the last 6 sec.


  • Pre-Ignited: Increases the duration of Combustion by 1 sec.
  • Phoenix’s Warmth: Phoenix Flames has a chance to grant X% critical strike chance to you and the four nearest allies.
  • Strafing Run: Phoenix Flames chains to an additional 2 targets.


  • Obsidian Lance: Increases the Frozen target multiplier on Ice Lance by 10%.
  • Freezing Rain: While Frozen Orb is active, you cast Blizzard instantly.
  • Glacial Eruption: After Ebonbolt damages a target, a pillar of ice bursts from the ground at that location, dealing X Shadowfrost damage.



  • Draught of Darkness: Increases the damage of Blackout Strikes by 5%.
  • Stave Off: Keg Smash as a X% chance to trigger another Keg Smash.
  • Quick Sip: Drinking Purifying Brew applies a X% additional Stagger. Drinking Ironskin Brew purifies X% of your Staggered damage.



  • Split Personality: Reduces the recharge time of Storm, Earth, and Fire by 3 sec.
  • Master of Combinations: Triggering Combo Strikes grants X Mastery to you and your four nearest allies.
  • Cestus of Storms: Strike of the Windlord grants you Thunderfist for each enemy struck. Thuderfists discharge upon melee strikes, dealing X Nature damage.



  • Tyr’s Munificence: Increases the range of Tyr’s Deliverance by 2 yards, healing by 5%, and the healing bonus granted by 5%.
  • Sacrificial Martyr: Light of the Martyr also applies a X% Blessing of Sacrifice.
  • Sacred Dawn: Light of Dawn shoots a healing orb towards your Beacon of Light, healing the first person it hits for X.


  • Holy Aegis: Increases parry chance by 1%.
  • Defender of Truth: Ardent Defender grants an absorb shield for 12% of maximum health when it fades.
  • Decree of Justice: Your Judgment grants you Blessed Stalwart, increasing the damage and damage reduction of your next Shield of the Righteous by X.


  • Righteous Verdict: Templar’s Verdict increases the damage of your next Blade of Justice by 5%.
  • Blessing of the Ashbringer: When your Greater Blessings are active, gain Blessing of the Ashbringer. Blessing of the Ashbringer grants 2500 Attack Power.
  • Judge Unworthy: Avenging Wrath reduces the cooldown of Judgment by 50%.



  • Lenience’s Reward: Atonement reduces damage taken by 0.5%.
  • Tyranny of Pain: Pain Suppression also heals the target for X% of damage prevented.
  • Aegis of Wrath: Light’s Wrath also applies an absorb shield equal to X% of the amount it heals.


  • Caress of the Naaru: Increases the healing bonus from Light of T’uure by 5%.
  • Times and Measures: Damage you take has a chance to reset the cooldown of Desperate Prayer, proportional to the magnitude of that damage.
  • Cosmic Ripple: Under Construction. Check Back Soon!


  • Fiending Dark: Under Construction. Check back soon!
  • Mind Quickening: While you are in Void form, you and your four nearest allies gain X% Haste.
  • Lash of Insanity: Tentacles summoned by Call of the Void also generate X Insanity.



  • Strangler: Increases the damage of Garrote by 4%.
  • Dense Concoction: Crimson Vial reduces the damage you take by X%. This effect reduces by X% every 2 sec.
  • Sinister Circulation: Successful Poison applications reduce the cooldown of Kingsbane by X sec.


  • Sabermetrics: Increases the critical strike damage of Saber Slash by 5%.
  • Dreadblade’s Vigor: Curse of the Dreadblades also increases your energy regeneration by X%.
  • Loaded Dice: Activating Adrenaline Rush causes your next Roll the Bones to grant at least two matches.


  • Etched in Shadow: Increases the effectiveness of Symbols of Death by 1%.
  • Shadow’s Whisper: Deepening Shadows reduces the remaining cooldown on Shadow Dance by an additional 1 sec per combo point spent.
  • Feeding Frenzy: Goremaw’s Bite causes your next three finishing moves to consume no Energy.



  • Elemental Destabilization: Increases the effectiveness of Elemental Fury by 5%.
  • Swelling Maelstrom: Increases your maximum Maelstrom and the maximum cost of Earth Shock by 25.
  • Seismic Storm: When Earthquake deals damage, it has a chance to cause a Lightning Strike dealing X Nature damage.


  • Crashing Hammer: Increases the damage of Crash Lightning by 5%.
  • Winds of Change: Windfury attacks generate an additional 2 Maelstrom.
  • Lashing Flames: Your Flametongue damage increases the damage of your next Lava Lash by X%. This effect stacks.


  • Tidewalker: Increases the duration of Spiritwalker’s Grace by 2 sec.
  • Surging Winds: Under Construction. Check Back Soon!
  • Deep Waters: Your Healing Wave and Healing Surge have a chance to apply Calming Waters to the target, absorbing the next X damage.



  • Rend Soul: Drain Soul damage has a chance to deal X Shadow damage and summon an additional Tormented Soul.
  • Sinister Seeds: Seed of Corruption requires 50% less damage to explode.
  • Entropic Instability: Increases the critical strike chance of your damage over time effects by 1%.



  • Flames of Sargeras: Increases the damage of Conflagrate by 8%.
  • Cry Havoc: Chaos Bolt will bounce to your Havoc target for X% of the initial damage.
  • Tomb-Born Rift: Dimensional Rift can now summon a Flame Rift.




  • Pulse of Battle: Raging Blow critical strikes generate an additional 1 Rage.
  • Oathblood: Bloodthirst has a X% to trigger a second Bloodthirst.
  • Death and Glory: Odyn’s Fury will become alternately empowered by Odyn and Helya. Odyn empowers Odyn’s Fury with X Fire damage and X Rage. Helya empowers Odyn’s Fury with X Shadow damage and X Leech.


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  1. Will heissen, dass ich vorläufig (mit Rang 44) aufhöre, Artefaktmacht in die Waffe zu investieren, damit ich beim Patch direkt alle Trades freischalten kann? Gibt es ein Cap für nicht eingesetzte Artefaktmacht auf einer Waffe?

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