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Hotfix für Patch 4.2 – 10.08.2011

In der vergangenen Nacht wurde wieder ein kleiner Hotfix für Patch 4.2 auf die europäischen World of Warcraft Server gespielt.

Blizzard PosterZarhym on Patch 4.2 Hotfixes (Source)

August 10

  • Classes
    • Death Knights
      • Applicable death knight abilities are now using the correct amount of resources (and putting them on cooldown) when there are 4 Death Runes available and the Unholy Runes are depleted.
    • Druids
      • Druids that shapeshift will now clear the Potion of Illusion buff.
    • Mages
      • Combustion damage from Ignite is no longer penalized by Resilience more than once, nor can it gain double benefit from Flashburn (mastery).
  • Dungeons & Raids
    • Dungeon Finder
      • If a player is kicked by vote from a dungeon finder group, the leader of the group is no longer able to invite that player back.
    • Firelands
      • Rogue Smoke Bombs cannot prevent the spawning of Magma Traps during the fight against Ragnaros.
      • Several creatures in the Firelands are no longer susceptible to snares or other immobilizing effects.
      • Unbound Pyrelords, Unbound Smoldering Elementals, Unbound Blazing Elementals, and Patriarch Fire Turtles now drop silver instead of gold.
  • Guilds
    • The Recently Mass Resurrected debuff is correctly being applied to players who are in the process of logging out of the game.
  • Items
    • Brawler’s Trophy and Core of Ripeness cannot be active at the same time as each other, or other burst trinkets.
    • Eternal Embers are now epic quality.
    • Heirloom items can once again be linked in chat.
    • Creating a macro to use the Runestaff of Nordrassil multiple times will only trigger the use once.
  • Quests & Creatures
    • Hyjal Regrowth & Molten Front
      • The Burning Treants summoned by the Druid of the Flame now disappear when the summoner is captured.
      • 3 different elementals spawn on any given day for the Death From Above achievement, up from 1.

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