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Hotfix für Patch 4.0.6 – 09.02.11

Wie schon vermutet, gab es in der Vergangenen Nacht einen weiteren kleinen Hotfix für den aktuellen Patch 4.0.6. Diesmal trifft es vor allem die Todesritter, welche etwas generft werden.

Sobald die deutschen Patchnotes für den Hotfix verfügbar sind, werde ich die englischen Patchnotes rausnehmen.

Blizzard PosterBlizzard on Patch 4.0.6 Hotfix (Source)

February 9

  • Classes
    • Haste is again properly increasing resource regeneration rates for applicable melee classes. This fix will require a realm restart to take effect. More information regarding the series of changes pertaining to this issue can be found on our General Discussion forum.
    • Death Knights
      • The root that the Frost talent Chilblains gives to Chains of Ice is now properly affected by diminishing returns and shares diminishing returns with other root effects.
      • Dark Transformation now increases pet damage by 60%, down from 80%.
      • Death Coil damage has been reduced by 15%.
      • The pet damage bonus from Shadow Infusion is now 6% per stack, down from 8%.
    • Priests
      • Holy Word: Serenity is correctly granting Binding Heal an extra 25% chance to critically hit.
      • Inner Focus now appropriately increases the critical heal chance of Flash Heal, Binding Heal, Greater Heal, and Prayer of Healing.
  • Dungeons & Raids
    • Bouquet of Ebon Roses and Bouquet of Red Roses (Love Is in the Air) now properly drop from Cataclysm dungeons.
    • The Bastion of Twilight
      • Players are no longer instantly killed when auras are removed after defeating Cho’gall.
      • Players affected by Conversion during the Cho’gall encounter will gain the correct amount of Corrupted Blood, and the Corrupted Blood mechanics correctly trigger at the appropriate times.
      • Burning Twilight is now bound to the raid dungeon and cannot be taken outside of the instance to affect other players.
    • Blackwing Descent
      • Chimaeron no longer casts Caustic Slime on targets who are affected by Break. Chimaeron now casts Caustic Slime on a tank target if there are not enough players present without Break.
    • Deadmines
      • Players should no longer get disconnected when dying in the Vanessa Vancleef encounter on Heroic difficulty.
    • Shadowfang Keep
      • Deathstalker Adamant and Sorcerer Ashcrombe now have a gossip option for their respective factions to open the courtyard door while the Love is in the Air event is active.
  • Items
    • Talismans of the Horde and Alliance are properly only available for purchase from their respective factions.
  • Professions
    • Orgrimmar and Stormwind Cooking and Fishing daily quests are again granting the proper skill-ups when turned in.

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